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CrystalSky - Intelligent Battery Charger Hub (WCH2)



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Battery charging station for DJI CrystalSky monitor battery

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1 590,00 Kč Tax included
1 314,05 Kč tax excl.

Dostupnost: Skladem 1 - 2 dny

List of compatible chargers:

Inspire 2 Battery Charger
Inspire 2 Car Charger
Inspire 1 100W Battery Charger
Inspire 1 180W Battery Charger
Inspire 1 Car Charger
Phantom 4 Series Battery Charger
Phantom 4 Series 160W Battery Charger
Phantom 4 Car Charger
Phantom 3 Professional Battery Charger
Phantom 3 Car Charger
* Phantom 3 57W Battery Charger
* Osmo 57W Battery Charger

* 57W chargers do not provide enough power to simultaneously charge the battery and other devices connected via the USB port. Do not use the USB port to charge another device when charging batteries.

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Batoh pro Phantom 2, 3, 4 Manfrotto MB PL-3N1-26

Photo of Manfrotto Gear Backpack M Advanced Series.

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