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DX7 DSM2 Spektrum Air - Heli pouze vysílač


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DX7 transmitter, pairing connector, transmitter battery, operating instructions in Czech.

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With the transmitter you will be able to fly with all types of aircraft and helicopters without fear of being mistakenly taken away by your colleague by interfering with your transmitter. No one will limit you to the busy frequency, you can safely fly whenever you want. Unintentional interference will become the past and frequency that your paired set locks no one can use. Not only the bandwidth security, but also the data transfer rate is many times higher than the best PCM kits. You will never have to deal with frequency choices or waiting for your channel to release. Plus, you get complete immunity to interfering signals generated by motors, servos or vibrations of metallic connections. Everything is past The DX7 is a modern transmitter for versatile use, operating in the 2.4 GHz band. Basic features: * 20-model memory * Aircraft and helicopter software * Push-button switch * P-mixer * 3-axis swing and expo * 3 flap positions * 5-point heli * 3 flight modes plus Heli * Gyro programming (Heli) * CCPM, 2-servo 90 °, 3-servo 90 ° and 3-servo 120 ° DSM2-safety and speed: Unlike the biggest innovation on DSM2 (tm), this is not just a change of concept. DSM2 has shown that it is immune to all known types of interference. Because DSM operates in a 2.4 GHz ultra-wide ISM band, it is immune to fault-induced malfunction generated by motor brush, regulator or metal vibration signals. Security. Each DSM system is uniquely "paired" by a unique identifier (GUID). Each time the transmitter equipped with DSM technology is switched on, the spectrum of 79 channels to find a free channel is scanned. Once a free channel of spectrum is found, a paired DSM receiver with the same GUID will automatically connect to the transmitter and lock the free channel. Since possible GUIDs are more than 4 trillion, it is virtually impossible to disturb the transmission of data between paired DSMs with another 2.4 GHz signal. AR7000-Safe signal reception: The transmitter and receiver DSN2 use two locked channels for transmission. The receiver automatically evaluates the received signal quality and selects a stronger signal for model control. The total number of currently running DX6 RC sets is thus limited to half of 80 possible channels - ie 40. The signal from the transmitter processes the receiver using two independent antennas thanks to the patented - pending Spektrum software to the ultimate precision. Due to the very small length of the antennas, their location in the model is easy. ServoSync and ModelMatch-Extra Safety and Precision: DSM2 and AR7000 are not the only gem at the DX7. Spectrum engineers bring you another patent-protected enhancement - ModelMatch (tm) and ServoSync (tm). Thanks to the new data transfer, ServoSync is quicker to respond to the motion of the DX7 transmitter levers and servos. The result is accurate synchronization of the levers and servo movement and thus more accurate model flight control. ModelMatch is designed to protect against external signals. Everyone may be unable to verify the name of the model on the transmitter display before the start. Unique code embedded in the DX7 does not allow you to control the model protected by this code .. DX7 transmitter: * 7 channels * 20 models in memory * Airplanes and Heli program * 2.4 GHz DSM2 Spectrum System * Digital trims * 1500 NiMh accumulator Software: Basic modes Model Selection Model Name Model Type Modulation Selection Model Reset Trainer System Select Gas Quenching Input Select Wing Type Swashplate Type Dual Offset, Switch Assignment Stopwatch Aerial Mode Dual Offset Exponential Reverse Sub Sub Trim Travel Adjust Elevator (1-6) Servo Monitor Stopwatch Heli Mode Dual Deviations Exponential Reverse Serv Sub Trim Travel Adjust Swashplate Mix Throttle Curve (5 pt mix) Pitch Curve (4) (5) Mixed Programming pt mix) Revolution Mix Gyro Sensing Servo Monitor P-Mix Speakers (3) Specifications * Number of Channels: 7 * Modulation: DSM2 * Frequency: 2 .4 GHz * Software: Airplanes and helix * Number of models in memory: 20 * Transmitter battery: 1500mAh Ni-MH We recommend to buy a case for transmitter single [SPM6701] or double [SPM6706]. Tip: The DX7 can be purchased at Modellstudio - http://www.modellstudio.cz, under the name: counter MX12, MX22, code 0426303.

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