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3D Hand Stabilization for Smartphones

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Poise SwiftCam M3 for Smartphone is ideal for creating a stable action video. Designed to enhance you - your video has been exterminated.

Poise SwiftCam M3 has three swivel axes stabilized by a three-axis gyro system.

The articulated handle allows you to adjust the basic angle for holding mobile phones.

With Smartphone, the subject can be continuously monitored. It has the so-called "Follow me," or Ronin (DJI Handheld) vocabulary, called "Smooth track". This means that the camera (phone) follows the operator's motion continuously.

A New Concept for Filming with Your Smartphone

Forget about the old shaky and vibrating videos shot with your Smartphone and a NEW 3-axis stabilized, lightweight and easy-to-use gimbal for your Smartphones is now brought to you by Dict-Creative.
Breaking the traditional thinking of Smartphone filming, turn your Smartphone into a professional camera that provides you with a smooth and steady image quality. The SwiftCam M3 eliminates vibrations by stabilizing all three axes with fast response brushless motors, precise gimbal design, and the most important of all, well tuned software and electronics. With the adjustable Smartphone clip equipped, the SwiftCam M3 is compatible with most of the Smartphones, such as iPhone, Sony or Samsung Smartphones. Now you do not have to buy another expensive sports camera but you can get the same level of quality video without extra effort.
Make your precious moments shot valuable, keep the image steady and smooth, free shoot around and show your friends how your world is smoothened by the SwiftCam M3.


- Adjustable clip that fits most Smartphones in the market.
- Lightweight, high strength aluminum body provides pain-free shooting and boost rigidity.
- Clean and neat design, no more tangled wires.
- Built-in 3-axis gyro system, smooth footage taken even when walking, cycling or even skateboarding.
- Durable brushless motors provide ultimate response to every move you made.
- No complex setting needed, ready to shoot out of the box.
- Rechargeable Lipo battery and charger included.


M3 Voltage Input: 11.1 V
Charger Input: 100AV-240AV
Battery: Li Poly
Gimbal Size: 97 x 91 x 242 mm (Length x Width x Height)
Weight: 405 g

Combo Included:

Swiftcam M3 x 1
LiPo Battery x 1
LiPo Battery Charger x 1
Carry Bag x 1
Manual x 1

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