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ARF set of sports jet airplanes made of foam EPP with 90mm blowers with AC motor, 80A controller, 8A UBEC, servos and electric retractable chassis. For power 6S LiPo 5000 mAh.

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The Super Snake was originally created in the 1990s as an amateur machine powered by a push-piston engine with a multi-spindle propeller. However, since the designers still missed the move, in 2005, after several rebuilding and testing of various jet engines, the General Electric J85 was powered by the Hanchette brothers. Instead, J85 drives a lightweight Northrop F-5 fighter or a Cessna A-37 Dragonfly! If you do not have $ 650,000 to buy an "adult" kit and have a free 3500 hours of construction, you can try our ARF set, which you will be ready for a flight that will take charge of the battery! The little Super Snake will not be supersonic, but you can pull it off easily at some 150-170 km / h.

Semi-coupe of a US sport jet from a foam EPP powered by a 90 mm blower with an AC motor. The model is designed for an experienced pilot who is already capable of flying with common aerobatic models.

The fuselage is made of a molded EPP foam to a negative mold. A blower with a diameter of 90 mm is located at the rear of the fuselage; you can access it by removing the cover on the underside of the fastened 2 screws. The blower powers the BL3541-1450 AC motor with the Hobbywing 80 Opto controller. The UBEC Hobbywing power supply stabilizer with an 8 A load rating is installed to power the on-board electronics. The electronics and the 6S LiPo accumulator are stored in the cabin space under a large drain cover. At the back of the cabin is an electronics wiring board, where the tail-tail cords, the bow leg control and the harnesses from the servos in the wing halves are fed. Individual servocables for connection to your receiver are then output from the board. In the front of the cabin you will find an electronic sequencer controlling the chassis retraction.

Two-part wing with semi-directional profile and elegant winglets connected by a carbon tube coupling is also made of foam EPP. Ailerons and slit flaps are controlled by short, straight spherical rollers with two pairs of servos mounted on easily removable plastic caps. Beneath the plastic caps on the leading edge of the wing, LED position lights are installed. The cables of all servos and retractable chassis are for simplicity brought to the wiring harness ending with one multi-connector, which, after fixing the wing to the fuselage, engages the fuselage in the fuselage.

Tail surfaces are made of foam EPP, screwed to the fuselage. For servicing the rudders, the servos placed in the keel or, respectively, in a horizontal stabilizer mounted on easily removable plastic caps.

Chassis is a three-wheeled electric retractable with sprung dural legs. The chassis covers are controlled by special servos, the chassis operation is controlled by an electronic sequencer for real-life mock-up operation: for example, the main legs in the wing first open the wheel cover, then slide or slide the foot and finally close the wheel cover. The bow leg is controlled by a special service connected to the rudder channel.

All servos are digital 9 gs of metal gears.

To control the model, you will need at least a six-channel RC kit - if you leave the model in the default mode, both aileron, flap and half elevator servos are connected (via the electronics wiring board) to one receiver channel. If you want to maintain the independent control of these servos, you will need at least a nine-channel RC kit - and the fuselage in the fuselage will not be used for these functions.

As a drive, you will need LiPo 6 cell 22.2 V 5000 mAh with a load of at least 30 C. The controller is equipped with an EC5 connector (PELIKAN DANIEL # 7956/7957).

The ARF set includes: EPP foam housings with blower installed, AC motor, regulator, UBEC power stabilizer, electrically tightened nose leg and 2 servos, EPP wing with aileron servo wings, flap, electrically retractable chassis and 2 chassis cover servos, from EPP with installed servos, wings clutch, screw set and instructions.

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