Letecký modul pro elektrolety v rozsahu 2-14S Gr. HoTT s Vario



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General sensor module for Graupner HoTT for models with electric motor. Number of Lixx cells: 2-14S (60V), current 150A (up to 320A short-time), operating temperature 0-120C.

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The main telemetry module for the Graupner HoTT receivers and the electric motor model.

  • vario with altimeter signaling and signaling capability of 5 height points achieved when climbing / descending
  • height display (-500 ~ +3000 m) and storage of maximum and minimum altitude data
  • 2x temperature and voltage inputs for sensors. Warning threshold value for minimum / maximum voltage and minimum / maximum temperature
  • voltage measurement of individual cells (balance connector) with minimal voltage warning, for 2-14s Lithium accumulators
  • voltage, current and capacity measurements with minimum / maximum voltage, maximum capacity and maximum current
  • programmable current limitations
  • current measurement with shunt 2x 1 mOhm parallel = 0.5 mOhm
  • speed measurement with warning reaching the min / max value
  • Fuel Statement with Warning in 25% increments
  • The warning can be set to: OFF, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 sec, permanent warning
  • Repeated time alert can be set to: standing, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 minutes, once

Important notice when using telemetric modules 33600, 33601, 33610, 33611 and 33620:

  • Never make any adjustments or adjustments during the model flight so that the model does not get out of control due to your inattention.
  • In any case, do not configure the setting and programming of a telemetry model in flight if your model is equipped with two receivers. Program changes can affect the receiver without relayed telemount modules, and this may cause loss of control over the model.
  • Always make all programming and settings on the ground and make sure that only the receiver with active telemetry units is powered.

  • 2x temperature; optionally from 0 to 120 or 200 ° C and voltage measurement up to 60V DC
  • 1x speed measurement, 1x input for speed controller, 1x speed measurement / servo output for tachometer with overvoltage protection of individual cells
  • 1x current, voltage and capacity measurement up to 150A (320A per 1s), voltage up to 60V
  • 1x measurement of individual cells for 2-14s LiPo, LiIo, LiFe)
  • 1x telemetric output for the receiver

Graupner HoTT - Electric Air Module, 2-14S, Vario HoTT
Dimensions: 51 x 47 x 18 mm
Operating voltage: 3.6 - 8.4 V

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Palivový senzor GRAUPNER HoTT M5

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